I'm not entirely sure why I persist with this website, but I do. I've just made a couple of little tweaks to the Twitter part (i.e. the tagline up above) and also to the flickr images pulled in.

The tagline uses the Twitter gem and used to simply pull in my latest status, but then I realised displaying @replies wasn't really great so I used my kludging coding abilities to loop through my timeline and find the first thing without an @

twitter.timeline(:user).each do |t| tweet = t.text if t.text.match('^(?!@).') break if t.text.match('^(?!@).*')end

The flickr images use the rflickr gem (sadly development seems to have died). Which I've already modified once to include the privacy_filter arguement of the flickr.photos.search call, the fact that I managed to do this is a testament to the rflickr gem and the flickr API. I decided to modify it again to include the content_type filter so I could exclude screenshots, etc. After, naturally, initially assuming my coding abilities had mucked up, it seems there is a bug in the flickr API and it ignores the content_type setting. So for now this change is not working.

Oh, and I think I have just fixed my RSS feed as well so that it actually shows as updated in feed readers. I'd missed out lastBuildDate.

It's all good news. Well apart from the flickr bug.