Mostly walking the dogs

Note: Hmm, weird, cert renewed, but didn't reload for some reason. Was semi-offline for bit

Note: Finally got around to updating my opendkim keys and moving to 2048 bits from 1024

Note: Upgraded to NetBSD 9.4. Don't seem to have broken anything. Saving 10 for when I have a lot more time.

Note: Listened to the Steve Albini tribute mix on Mary Anne Hobbs' show :-(

Note: Oh, what a surprise, Labour too with that last note

Note: Fuck the UK/England/Tories:

Note: RAINBOWS totally makes Dead Pony's IGNORE THIS album for me. Superb track.

Note: Listened to Clara Amfo's last show. Wasn't sure initially she'd fill Annie Mac's shoes, but she made it her own and I'm going to miss her.

Note: Lisa Frankenstein: Brilliantly bonkers. 10000/10.

Note: Marika Hackman's is probably my favourite so far. Just.

Note: Wonder if The Reytons will release an album next January as well?

Note: In lieu of an actual post: Albums from Sprints, Marika Hackman, The Reytons and NewDad. All in January!

Note: On-call capability: Fine unless it involves WebEx

Note: Boursin, Ritz crackers and a glass of red wine: Peak Christmas.

Note: Merry Christmas internets.

Note: Went to see Mitski talk about cats. Would go see again.

Note: Read this and was jealous of Martin

Note: The Great! Christmas Movie channel has started, but I'm not allowed to watch it yet. I am defnitely not the grinch in this family.

Note: Also, third time lucky in finally getting to Tunnels. Missed OK Button in 2019 and The Reytons in 2021. Had tickets for both.

Note: Been to see Dead Pony at Tunnels in Aberdeen on first night of their tour. 200% awesome. Tina Sandwich great too.

Note: Went to see The Ocean at the End of the Lane. 10/10. Marvellously magical

Note: Deleted my Twitter account seeing as how it's no longer Twitter anyway. Shame.

Note: Absolutely gutted for Cav. So unfair.

Note: Testing shouting into the void

Note: Crème de cacao, tequila, amaretto, some leftover chocolate sauce from M&S from pancake day. Good times.

Note: Wishing we could go back to the heady days of the pandemic when we actually believed that next year things would get better.

Note: As it turns out, last year was the last year of doing Just Dance for NYE with the younger daughter. She's 16 now. I'll take that.

Note: Daughter: 'Who actually looks at the Radio bit in RadioTimes?!' Me: Surreptitiously circling The Willows and Uncanny Christmas on Radio 4

Note: Thought about Mastodon, but decided to take this opportunity to be my true anti-social self. Stuff will syndicate out until it breaks.

Note: For 1st time in my life, moved home in a southerly direction. Only by 30km, but had assumed I'd end up in Iceland (or at least Shetland)

Note: Bittersweet: Putting together a new setup for my daughter and teaching her to skateboard... I gave up just before she was born.

Note: Upgraded my server to NetBSD 9.2. As usual I forgot that all my notes, etc about upgrading are on the server. Seems to have gone ok though.

Note: When lockdown is over I'm most looking forward to never having to watch the television ever again

Note: Merry Christmas Internet

Note: Been nice resting knee past two weekends & having a lie-in instead of up early for a run, but also I'm really bored and want to go running.

Note: The worst bit about running is when I'm a salt lick for the dogs afterwards.

Note: 1st longish run since lockdown. 1. didn't feel in spirit of things before even if only see sheep, cows. 2. bought beer instead of new shoes

Note: Listening to Cleo Sol's Rose in the Dark... been waiting for this. Why Don't You just makes me melt

Note: Random internet correspondence about NetBSD is the best kind

Note: It must have got colder: computer no longer sounds like a jet engine when compiling Rust projects

Note: Ran 230km last month, I think the most I've managed in a month. This month I've run just 20k: Cannot be arsed. Hibernating until spring.

Note: Been two years since I last updated my gopher site so made up for it by adding two posts today. Doing my bit to keep gopher alive... just

Note: Marathon No. 3 done (second this year). Still slower than last year, but only by 12 mins: 4hrs 43mins for 43k this time

Note: 1600m sprint reps: Unsure if crying or sweating

Note: Got up at 5am on a Sunday to go for a run because it was the only time I could fit one in this weekend. Was nice thou'. #sleepwhenyouaredead

Note: Semi-related: Decided it was an opportune moment to switch back to tmux from abduco+dvtm

Note: Server is being rebooted later... so decided might as well upgrade to NetBSD 8.1. Also re-jigged some disks about. Smooth sailing

Note: A whole hour slower than last year thanks to my knee giving up at half way, but managed a 2nd marathon

Note: Did the early morning run thing again. Want to be able to do that run without having to lie down on the ground at the end. Not this time.

Note: Just as I find my copy of Dos Dedos Mis Amigos on tape I see it's been added to Spotify. Oh well, that's good, the tape is a bit worn out

Note: Going to listen to International Teachers of Pop all day today

Note: Usually worried about my dog tripping me up whilst running, but nope: Got wiped out by someone else's dog instead

Note: Got some trail shoes awhile back. Been waiting for an autumn day like today: Much fun running down wet grassy hills when you have grip.

Note: Forgot to mention: Updated and .vim (See to work with the Simperium API (CC @mrtazz @simplenoteapp)

Note: Had some obligitory "Couldn't match expected type... with actual type..." moments, but it's nice to use Haskell again, especially via Stack

Note: Managed to semi-legitimately write some Haskell at work. A shell script would have sufficed but would have been less fun

Note: Good thing about my Gozo climate training (holiday): Back to Scotland and smashed my 5k time without even intending to.

Note: Fingers crossed it stays that way, but all seems ok after upgrading to NetBSD 8. Migrated/upgraded my Linode whilst at it.

Note: Website, email, etc going down so I can do some server maintenance... fwiw

Note: First marathon done. Not particularly fast (4:22:42), but there were hills and I did get up at half five to start it.

Note: I think the thing I like best about golang is that I can finally use tabs without people going "What the fuck have you used tabs for?!"

Note: My feet, lungs and heart are fine: My calf muscles, hips and mind are wrecked.

Note: 33k! Which I can view as either 'Woo! Less than 10k to go to a marathon' or as 'Fuck. Still almost another 10k to go'

Note: First month I've logged 200km of running.

Note: First time bettering the 30k I did in February with 31k today. Sadly, despite a LOT of training inbetween not really much faster. Oh well.

Note: Love this time of year in Scotland: Just got back from a run, still light; Had to give new shoes a whirl!

Note: Sprints this evening: Had impromptu race with a badger as it ran from a hedge, along fence line / clearing, & into burrow. The badger won.

Note: Little bit knee-jerky, a little bit using it as a good excuse: Archived most of my Github repos and moved to self-hosted Fossil repos

Note: May have listened to Frightened Rabbit all day long. May still be doing so. :-( :-( :-(

Note: Our swallows are back; Probably a hang up from cycling, but an important annual event for me: Made it through winter, things will be ok.

Note: I say "ran", but last 3k wasn't much faster than a very fast walk, but then again it was also uphill and into a horrible head wind.

Note: Ran 30k today. Was aiming for 25k, but was doing an out and back and accidentally ran too far out :-(

Note: Knowing what I know now, Knowing What You Know Now is exactly as good as I knew it would be #marmozets

Note: Switched to para-virtualized, didn't fix clock issues. Think it _could_ have been hardware/disk related... will see (I migrated hosts)

Note: Unrelated: Having a play with dvtm + abduco instead of Tmux because why not?

Note: Since the Meltdown patching I'm having a LOT of trouble keeping my system clock in sync (NetBSD full virtualisation, Linode). Coincidence?

Note: Grrr... upgraded NetBSD and have lost ipv6 connectivity again for reasons I never understand

Note: Used to bemoan cycling to shops when snowed in. That's before I knew about running to shops. Two trips last week. Luckily snow is now going.

Note: Managed 5k in the snow today. Which is plenty far enough considering I was only planning on 3k.

Note: Did the I-forgot-my-GPG-keys-expired dance.

Note: Fairly confident my 2018 album of the year is going to be Marmozets, but I'll at least wait until Jan when I've heard it before calling it

Note: I peaked too early in the year with 19k in February - has taken me until today to do actual half marathon distance. And it was HARD.

Note: After a few months of not working (and not realising!) got ipv6 restored at home and on server.

Note: My 2005 17" LCD monitor has died. Makes my desktop NetBSD machine useless for foreseeable future. Bet a CRT would have out lasted it. :-(

Note: My mind is much more keen than my knees on running.

Note: Upping the temperature: Ran 5k around Siena streets in 32 degC today; Can't go any further in this heat

Note: Ran up Italian hillside & overtook 2 cyclists. Of course they weren't Italian cyclists, but I'm not an Italian runner so that's still a win.

Note: Well... that seemed to go pretty smoothly.

Note: Doing some server maintenance/migration today so website, gopher, email, etc going down for an unknown amount of time

Note: Ugh, my server was down as got rebooted when asleep. Really, really, really should get rid of disk encryption

Note: Spotted first swallow of the year. Nice to have them back home.

Note: After four weeks of rest managed a gentle 5k on my knee. Yay!

Note: Two weeks without running due to a knackered knee. Still can't walk properly so reckon there's another two to go before I can run :-(

Note: 19.1km run with the dog. Frustratingly close to 20k, but that route is what it is.

Note: Managed to sneak in a run at sunset, just after the ran stopped, and got to see a deer and a fox. Not bad going.

Note: Saturday night tea was brought to you by Blessed Ethel - much underrated (now, anyway) and under loved.

Note: Managed to get out running for the first time in weeks. A smidge over 10k with the added challenge of taking the dog with me.

Note: After doing no exercise at all last week and struggling to run for even 20 mins in Gozo, went out and did 10K today in cool Scottish mist

Note: Watching all this Olympic track cycling has given me the first twinge of wanting to get on a back on the bike.

Note: C25k done! We had to repeat the 'last' week due to missing a run.

Note: I have 12 rolls of film to use. Been so long since I've had that much to hand. It's all going in the Yashica Mat as well.

Note: Almost forgot to say, but Week 8 of C25k is complete. One week to go :)

Note: Been well over a month now since cycling regularly. I am now a normal human being and no longer crave 4000+ calories a day

Note: The last cycle commute. EVER. Done!

Note: Finally (FINALLY!) finished reading the Harry Potter books to the youngest. I think I started in 2013? Can't actually remember now

Note: Back to cycling and I've reached my one year anniversary of a "temporary" fix to my wheels and forks that was meant to last about two weeks

Note: Survived the first quarter of the year of cycling. Now a week off. Yay!

Note: Other years I've immediately felt the benefit of switching off winter tyres. Not this year. Hope it's just this interminable cold/flu.

Note: And a very happy No More Winter Tyres Day to me.

Note: With the equinox past I guess that means I have officially survived another winter of cycling.

Note: Finally feeling like spring today: Felt stupid in mittens, on studded tyres and a 2:1 ratio; Saw lambs; And home for sunset.

Note: Had to "work" from home for last two days as rear wheel bearings needed replacing. Last set survived less than two months! #cycling

Note: Oh poop! Farewell Fuji pack film.

Note: New bottom bracket arrived, but no chance finding time in week to fix. Will have to hope creaky, cracking one holds out 'til the weekend.

Note: Listened to a mix of indie, riot grrrl, hip hop, punk, a ska band covering reggae and electronic over the weekend. Today some drum and bass.

Note: Managed to not only find, but also listen to, my Bikini Kill / Huggy Bear tape over the weekend.

Note: Cycled in 68 mph gusts this morning which beats last January's record of 63 mph. Hope this trend doesn't continue

Note: Drinking on a school night.

Note: Commute times now close to 2 hours thanks to remaining flood water, washed away tracks, detours, ice and now snow #cycling #donewithwinter

Note: One day the youngest will be like the eldest: too old, cool and embarrassed to do Just Dance with her dad. Enjoy it whilst it lasts, parents

Note: Memories

Note: One good thing has come of the weekend: three weeks after my crash I can sleep on my left side again

Note: Disappointed the kids did not appreciate the gravitas with which I said 'You *need* to find your own Tanya Donelly' tonight #drunkparenting

Note: Averaged about 14mph on way home, which means 90rpm average. Hardly my fastest, but I can live with that on 42:22 and winter tyres.

Note: Respectable amount of bleed through on shirt from this morning's crash, considering that's after getting changed and showered as well.

Note: Didn't see the leaf coloured rock until after I'd got up from the floor. Fortunately I took most of the impact and the bike is ok #monday

Note: The thing I don't understand is the current dog still has four fully working legs. Why did we need a whole new spare dog?

Note: The problem with family democracy: "Shall we buy Dad a new set of wheels for his bike or a puppy?"

Note: I propose an 8th day of the week, a day of rest and/or fun, in-between the weekend full of chores and a week full of work.

Note: In a possible revenge-on-humans attack, got hit by a badger this morning. Rammed my rear wheel, knocking it sideways. Me and badger ok.

Note: WeIrD ScIeNcE!

Note: Finished reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to the youngest. Just the Deathly Hallows to go...

Note: Third time lucky on soldering the DC-in port on the ye-olde laptop

Note: Listening to @bbc6music, but kind of in the background, and I thought 'oh my god, this sounds like Fugazi' and it actaully was!

Note: Just had a bat fly down the chimney and then around the room for ages - they are tricky little things to catch!

Note: It's unofficial, but I'm calling that TTYtter 2.2.0 with quote tweet support #ttytter cc @ttytter

Note: Dad point T&Cs: Dad points are redeemable for your choice of either socks or tobelerone. Validity periods apply.

Note: 19 days looking after 19 animals so the wife and kids could go on holiday / visit relatives +1000 dad points

Note: Baking a fruit and nut loaf whilst listening to Ned's Atomic Dustbin. Never imagined that as a youth

Note: And I thought that before they'd even finished with Enter Sandman. #Someairguitarwasnecessary

Note: Not the biggest Metallica fan, but their set at Reading sounds awesome, wish I was still young (like Lars) and was there to see it.

Note: Saian Supa Crew into Taylor Swift into Ugly Duckling. #ohyeah

Note: One of the things I'm most glad I went to a Uni in north for is learning to love ale over lager

Note: Didn't get dropped, but I'm still very impressed. He was fast

Note: Credit where it is due: Overtaken by someone else on a fixed gear today. Who was also older than me (based on grey hair comparison)

Note: Definitely more of a mud-line than a tan-line summer #cycling

Note: Pea & mint pesto, with mint from the garden, and a victoria sponge with blackcurrant jam, blackcurrants from the garden #winningattheweekend

Note: I think cars are probably the most expensive things I've ever not owned, wife and kids excepted.

Note: Car *finally* back from the garage so hopefully my two month stint as part time cycle courier extraordinaire is done.

Note: Building a wheel with all new components must actually be a doddle.

Note: Just started re-building a wheel with a brand new rim for once and it's already pretty true. Who knew it could be this easy?

Note: Probably every parent ever, every generation ever: I so fear for the future of the human race

Note: Looking forward to #TdF 2016 like other people look forward to Christmas

Note: So that's why I'm not religious, to be fair to those who are.

Note: If I was religious I'd say 'Good god give me strength' and god would use all his strength just for me and have none left for anyone else.

Note: 5 years of crazy cycle commuting, ~45000 miles and over 3/5ths of that on fixed gear

Note: 1 day of cycling for it to last and then a week off to rest and figure out a fix that will probably be buying just a rim and rebuilding.

Note: To be fair, these wheel repairs were only meant to be very temporary and weren't ever supposed to have to last 3.5 months

Note: Plagued by broken spokes lately. In front wheel as well. Finally twigged why: Yet another rim breaking.

Note: 2nd chicken burial this year. Can't complain. Both ladies died of natural causes / old age and have had the most free range life imaginable

Note: Of course it got turned down (it's always down, never up), but for a moment I'd achieved greatness

Note: Orchestrated burger and chips AND turbo-shandies AND listening to Wolf Alice (at a reasonable for me volume) simultaneously tonight

Note: 'I'll have a trible Pimms, please' 'I think that is too many' 'Trible Pimms!'

Note: Break in the weather so cycled to the shop for some essentials: Lager, wine, strawberries (for Pimms) and Lemonade (for Pimms) #teasorted

Note: A traditional summer's day today. So staying in, only occasionally checking on ponies and chickens to see if they need armbands or lifebuoys

Note: Late to bed as had to bring a duck into the house and give it a bath. As you do; It had cut itself; Should be fine

Note: Lacking vigour, can't decide if need more food (probable), more sleep (probable) or need even more exercise (improbable, but seems to work?)

Note: I think the entirity of Wolf Alice's set thanks to the BBC. So so so good. Weekend made

Note: #pearcider

Note: Watching Glastonbury with the requisite goosebumps

Note: Two broken spokes #Monday Rain #Summer

Note: Conversations in pubs when young are important practice for parenthood AND, SORRY, I CAN'T HEAR OVER THE NOISE THE BLOODY KIDS ARE MAKING

Note: 3 trips to post office and 1 to the shops in cycling errands this weekend. As many miles as my daily commute.

Note: Being introduced to Adventure Time by the youngest

Note: Mowing the lawn, mucking out a field, shovelling the muck heap. At 10pm. Since it is still light.

Note: It is that time of year for herding the ducks to bed at night so I can go to sleep

Note: I never thought combining two of my least favourite foods (bananas and porridge) would work so well

Note: She likes L7 too. Tricky finding something age suitable to listen to though

Note: The youngest likes Babes in Toyland. Soooooooooooo proud :-)

Note: While the wife and kids are away... NOFX

Note: In fact, if I could afford it, I could quite legitimately replace tyres every month

Note: Puncture on the way home, confirming that the longest a tyre will last me is 2 months #fartoomuchcycling

Note: All being well I'm now syndicating notes/tweets #indieweb

For the time being this is every note ever. There is also an atom feed.