I now have real domains again instead of the i5m.is-a-geek.org dyndns one. A new one: i-5-m.net and the old one resurrected: i5m.me.uk. They get here through the wonders of EveryDNS.

I thought I'd lost the i5m.me.uk one. It wasn't until looking for new domain names I found out it was still registered to me. What happened was, that last year after just renewing it, I had a paddy because I couldn't afford to keep my hosting (even though it was only about a fiver a month - hey they were poor times) so I left my registrar and binned my registration certificate, thinking I'd just let it expire. Fortunately I managed to reestablish my identify with Nominet and get it back.

I don't know why, but it just feels better having a proper domain name again.

Normal, sporadic, posting will resume.

I'm still keeping my hosting on my mac (I get relatively good uptime thanks to my missus always being on Facebook). Can't justify a real host at the moment, even though I could probably afford it now. Just no real need for it at the mo'.