The typical "Year in Review" post.

Finally getting another mobile phone, 4 years after the last one I got. I've been without a functioning mobile for a couple of years now. Amazingly it's more basic than the first ever mobile I had, but I like it. Also, Asda Mobile is fantastic value.

My first full year of photography. I hope I manage to get some shots next year that I like as much as the ones this year. I'm very glad I decided to get a camera. And then decided to get more cameras. Here's to yet more next year.

The highland games we've attended: Keith Country Show and Lonach Gathering. These were really good. And it's been nice to actually live up here and enjoy what's on offer, rather than just exist like we did in Lancaster.

Work: enforced job change after being assimilated by the borGE. Could have gone a lot worse, so it's positive from that point of view.

Developing my first Shoes app at work. A little thing, but gave me a big sense of achievement. Shame it's nothing to do with my actual role at work, but still.

Finally updating this site to Rails 2, etc. Only a year late. Again a little thing, but I was amazed I didn't have to bail and go back to the old one.

Going to Poland. Because travelling is rare. And it's good to explore. And learn at least a little.

126 film cartridges become unavailable in the UK.

Not exploring as much of Scotland as I hoped. Apart from the shows we've not got very far. I was hoping to get further up north over the summer. But it's been and gone. Summer was a bit pants really. Not a lot happened.

Only making one flickr meet. In January! The year got off to a good start with that and I was hopeful that I might actually get to know some people up here and make some real-life/3D friends instead of the real-but-virtual ones I have. In three years in Lancaster I got to know the sum total of zero people. Pretty depressing. Unfortunately it looks like Aberdeen is going to be the same. Such is family life it seems.

Not having a holiday. I don't mean an abroad one, or even camping in the UK, but just not really having a break. Until now: Christmas. It's been a tiring year.

Work: I still have no idea what I want to do. I wonder if I ever will?