My Early fears were unfounded. I now can’t keep up with the amount of new music. Some of the stuff I’ve listened to this month (and most of it released this year):

  • Ailbhe Ready: Endless Affair. Looking Happy from 2020’s Personal History is one of my favourite songs ever. I love Bloom and You Own the Room from this album.
  • M83: Fantasy. So far Oceans Niagara, Amnesia, and Earth To Sea are my favourites. I can’t really describe it, but everything has got a big airy sound to it which is cool, but it’s not as upbeat as Junk.
  • Jadu Heart: Derealised. Blame and Freedom are ace. Very shoe-gazy. Need to go listen to their older stuff as apparently it’s quite different to this.
  • Kali Uchas: Red Moon In Venus. Moonlight is amazing. Have had that on repeat a lot.
  • Shelf Lives: Bite. Which is just a single (an amazing single and the Venjent remix is just superb; Future club classic), but have also been listening to last year’s Yes, Offence album.
  • Brix Smith: Valley of the Dolls. I like the opening two tracks best. Say I’m Ur No. 1 is fun too. Sounds remarkably youthful and fresh. Bows down.
  • Aircooled: Hyperproduktiv! and St Leopards. Both from last year, but saw these live supporting Suede this year and I liked them a lot (got a cool T-Shirt from them too).
  • Weyes blood: And In The Darkeness, Hearts Aglow. I like Children of The Empire and that is the only one that stands out to me so far. Like a chilled Mitski? Needs more listens.
  • Nia Archives: Sunrise Bang Ur Head Against Tha Wall. I cannot get enough of Nia Archives. Shoe-in for Album of The Year if she releases one.
  • Billy Marten: I Can’t Get My Head Around You. A single/E.P. Release. It’s all about the last track, This Is How We Move.
  • Raye: My 21st Century Blues. Since I am too old for TikTok, Escapism had passed me by until now. What a song. I love Black Mascara a lot too.
  • Young Fathers: Heavy Heavy. Needs more listens. Not quite sure it’s my thing yet.

A fair few folk here I’d never even heard of before. And there’s more I’ve yet to get to.