If you are like me (unlikely), you got to mid January and were stressing* already that you’d not heard any new music yet that you liked.

I had found some from last year I’d missed: Cristale’s What It’s Like To Be Young (13 Going On 30 is my favourite) and ShaSimone’s SIMMA DOWN (I like Future best there).

Then The Reytons released their new album which is about as close to all killer no filler an album has ever got. It kicks off and just keeps going.

I think Avalanche is my favourite (imagine this live!) but that might change as the year goes on (Love In Transaction is great). I imagine I’ll listen to this album a lot. I have to be really picky to find a point where it tapers off a bit. I probably really like the first seven tracks. Cash In Hand & Fake IDs feels a bit more radio friendly, but would be great for the crowd to singalong to at a gig or festival. It seems like after this the album would calm down a bit, but WMC picks up the pace again. One More Reason is finally a bit of a rest, but Monthly Subscription gets things going again. And it doesn’t end quietly. I get the impression you’d come away a sweat covered mess if you see them live - I will forever bear a grudge that I missed them play in Aberdeen despite having tickets months in advance.

* - It’s all ok, Biig Piig released an EP too