First month of the year done and so far so good for my plan of 75 minutes of vigorous exercise plus 75 minutes of strength a week. Managing to build up a streak again.

This mostly works out as:

  • Monday: 15 to 30 minutes of strength
  • Tuesday: ~37.5 minutes of running
  • Wednesday: 30 minutes of yoga
  • Thursday: Whatever is leftover to get to 75 minutes of running
  • Friday: Whatever is left from Monday to add up to 45 minutes strength

For the running I aim to keep my average pace under five minutes per km. Which is fast enough for me to be putting some effort in.

This routine is minimal enough that if I miss a day I could squeeze a couple of activities into one day or use the weekend. And swop things around if the weather is bad - I’m not running when it’s icy as I don’t want to injure myself. I could also split up the running into three runs instead of two if pushed for time (I am frequently pushed for time).

It’s a lot, LOT less in hours than I used to do, but achievable given changes in life and I am at least really trying when running. Also, the strength training is novel and so interesting. I’m using the Nike Training Club app for that like I do for yoga, it really is a superb free resource. I’m improvising with a couple of Brewdog growlers filled with water as dumbbells which works out at about 2kg each which is the light end of dumbbells, but enough for my weedy arms for the time being.

If I can keep this routine/plan going I’ll be happy enough.