Colour me unsurprised, but my plan to cut my running from a minimum of 40km a week (~4 hours) to 25km (~2.5 hours) and my yoga from 1 hour a week to 30 mins failed in its first week. A first week where I was still on holiday and so didn’t even have work to fit in as well.

On the plus side (and I guess I am really lucky in this) at least I know it’s not injury or lack of motivation on my side that’s the issue. Just the rest of life getting in the way.

Anyway, fine, I’ll compromise further. My new plan is 75 minutes of running (if I put in some effort it’ll count as vigorous and still meet the NHS/WHO guidelines) and then I’ll try the same (75 minutes) of a mix of strength and yoga. It is probably about time I did some proper strength exercises (yoga is technically, but all the yoga I’ve done did not prepare for Yoga Pushup reps and so maybe yoga also isn’t).

This works out as 1.5% of my week. So I’ll also drop my allowance down to 1.5% of my income; That won’t be too bad since I’ll only need one pair of running shoes a year with this much running.

So far I have managed to meet this goal two weeks in a row.