Writing things in the wrong order, but this was a nice surprise last weekend. I learnt about her from Little Simz and had listened to a couple of tracks of hers quite a lot and didn’t realise an album was on the way. Cleo Sol is good.

My favourites:

  • Why Don’t You (Which was already one of my favs. Just makes me melt. It’s truly outstanding. Goosebumps and all the feels)
  • Rewind
  • Rose in the Dark
  • When I’m in Your Arms (My second favourite? Yeah)
  • Butterfly (Didn’t like it that much when I first heard it but has really grown on me)
  • I Love You (Gentle. Well the whole album is really)
  • Her Light (Really great ending to the album apart from the actual very end; It’s a great song, but I just don’t like the sound at the very end for some reason)

Sideways is my least favourite: It’s a bit gospelly/preachy for me. I’ll happily listen to Why Don’t You on repeat for ages though.