Copied from Strava (which I don’t have set as public*):

  1. Pre-heat oven. When warm place covered ham joint in oven. Place pan of stock on low. Run about 7km.
  2. Pop in house and put risotto pan on hob to warm through, add olive oil, butter and garlic. Run about 1.4km
  3. Pop in house and add rice to pan. Run about 1.4 km.
  4. Add stock to pan. Run 1.4km
  5. Add stock to pan and remove cover from ham. Run 1.4km
  6. Add more stock to pan. Run 1.4km
  7. Add more stock to pan along with frozen peas. Bread in the oven. Run final 1.4km
  8. Add cheese to risotto. Ham joint out and diced to add to risotto with more stock. Done.

Something like that anyway….

During this Corona period I have found myself in pretty damn fortunate circumstances really. My biggest “complaint” is only being allowed out for one run a day and (per guidelines) only for around thirty minutes to an hour which gets used up running with the missus and the dogs; However, living on an old farm I have now got a 700m running “route” without even leaving home and if I somewhat figure of eight it so I run it both ways then one complete loop is 1.4km

* - I had brief thoughts about indieweb-ifying my running data, but it seems far too impractical. I wouldn’t want any of it on here as public and therefore pointless to even try; POSSE would be too impractical; PESOS more practical, but still pointless.