I am, if honest, an “I like Laura Marling because of the Mystery Jet’s Young Love” person. I really liked Ghosts and Cross Your Fingers from her first album and then kind of forgot to listen for a bit, probably until Soothing from Semper Femina and then very recently Held Down from Song For Our Daughters which is just a superb track.

I put this past week to good use and spent it listening to all her previous albums in advance of Song For Our Daughters coming out and discovered some more amazing tracks (Sophia!!! Oh my!) and built myself my own best of album. Anyway, from Song For Our Daughters my favourites are:

  • Held Down (the best one for me. It’s like Soothing, not in how it sounds, but how it’s just such a stand out track)
  • Strange Girl (It’s actually up beat, you can click you fingers and tap your feet to this one; If you are an old man like me and that’s your thing)
  • Fortune (just beautiful, gentle folksy magic)

It’s stopped me listening to Phoebe Bridgers on repeat for a bit.