Mostly the same as last year with two new additions.

  • Pinboard - I’m too lazy to roll my own and it’s still too useful. I’ve decided I’d gratefully pay more if he tweeted less - there should be an option for that.
  • Linode - As per last time: Still using it. There might be cheaper, newer, cooler options, but continues to be solid for me for NetBSD.
  • Tarsnap - Started paying a bit more as started backing up my desktop too.
  • Teuxdeux - Super cats.
  • Guardian It’s not really a service like the others, but paying a fiver a month to help support them seems like a very fair deal.
  • Flickr - I was a long time Flickr Pro user and stopped when I couldn’t really justify paying for something I wasn’t using; However, rather sensibly, with the takover by SmugMug, they’ve started charging what they should have been doing all along. I wanted to keep over 1000 photos and so it was a no-brainer to go back to being Pro. Historically people have often advised against relying on Flickr as being a backup, but with the transfer of ownership to SmugMug and the backends to AWS I think that has now changed - it’s worth paying for if only for being a really reasonably priced backup for photos. It’s a shame the social side of it died a death under Yahoo, maybe it’ll gradually grow back.

    I wrote all of that before this recent post - I’m not leaving until I have to. It’ll be a huge pain to host myself again

  • 1Password - Reasons why are in this post somethings aren’t working out how I hoped, but I’ll probably keep it for me and my youngest daughter who seem to “get” it more. A little worried about it being online only (what if 1password goes down?) but the cross platform support (in one family we are using it on MacOS, NetBSD, iOS and Android) is too good.

I really want to add Duolingo and stop being a cheapskate and Strava too, but it all adds up. Duolingo is really good. I think if they add in Maltese I’ll have to upgrade as then I’ll be using it for Maltese, Italian and Scots Gaelic. Strava Summit has zero value-add for me, but I feel a bit bad being a freeloader.