What I’ve liked about my experience of the Free RN series is how it’s been a bit like running in soft fluffy slippers. That’s changed with the 2019 Free RN 5.0.

They are still flexible, but actually no more so than the 2018 version despite what they look like and the marketing. You can also easily run long distances (a half is fine) in them despite what they say. They are a lot firmer though. Like racing flats, but more flexible.

I would have preferred it if they’d added 2mm more at the front and made them a 4mm offset shoe - that might have made them a bit softer too.

The heels are no longer as secure nor as collapsable. I think this has resulted in my right foot sliding back and forth a bit and getting a blister on my instep. There isn’t really anyway to avoid this as the laces are just there for show.

Pretty much I liked the Free RN Distance best, then the Free RN Distance 2 and then last year’s Free RN weren’t too different from the Distance 2 so they were ok, although they have all got gradually worse each year from my point of view.

I don’t know where to go next. I don’t think there are any other flexible options out there. I would like to try Altras or Saucony, but both are more expensive (Nike are good for getting hold of stuff in a sale). I might go for these Adidas for a more ethical option (which helps massively reduce the selection of shoes to choose from to one pair) but I need to wait a whole other year for those though.