Completely forgot to carry this on after the last one, but was reminded when I started writing an end of year review post and realised it would make more sense to put some of that stuff in this post.

  • Pinboard - It’s still going. Just. I still don’t have a good replacement. Possibly just syncing bookmarks via Firefox (since that is very cross platform), but that doesn’t keep a permanent cache; Not that I use that very often (handy when I need it though).
  • Linode - Still using it. There might be cheaper, newer, cooler options, but has been solid for me for NetBSD (would be nice if they did arm64 though).
  • Tarsnap - Always forget about it because I pay so little so infrequently.
  • Teuxdeux - Made a return as soon as I had a smartphone. I love it’s simplicity and flexibility (and I have a command line client for it).
  • Guardian It’s not really a service like the others, but paying a fiver a month to help support them seems like a very fair deal.

Like Teuxdeux, it’s possible Flickr is going to make a return to a paid service for me next year.