Following on from last year’s.

  • Pinboard - Bookmarks are now the only thing I don’t host myself (syndication aside). Pinboard is a difficult one to replace, but I guess eventually I should figure out doing the decent thing?
  • Linode - Owning your own data (ish) means putting all of your eggs into one basket. I chose a very good basket.
  • Tarsnap - I forgot to include last time around because I have to pay so little so infrequently I forgot all about it.

Falling out of favour this/last year have been:

  • PocketSmith - For my own convenience I’ve decided to go with Ledger; Lots of recent posts on this.
  • Flickr - I predicted it last time.

I have no issues with Pocketsmith (fantastic product) or Flickr (I’ve never understood the hatred Flickr have got over each design iteration), they just aren’t right for me anymore.