Ok, so there wasn’t a 2013 editon, nor a 2012 edition, nor any previous edition in fact. But there could have been!

  • PocketSmith - for my family’s financial planning, otherwise known as “How poor am I this month?”. The only thing that would make me switch would be a console/terminal based application with all the same functionality since that would be more accessible for me than a web based application.
  • Flickr - I still maintain my quarterly pro subscription as I don’t like ads and it is cheap, but I can see this one going soon: Unfortunately I just don’t take enough photos any more to justify the ~4.6p per day expenditure.
  • Pinboard - Until such point I “roll my own”. The archiving can only be beaten by the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine which is $25 a year cheaper (free) and has probably bookmarked all the pages I’ve forgotten to bookmark and pages I’m yet to forget to bookmark. But snark aside, I do find it ridiculously useful and use it pretty much everyday.
  • Linode - A relatively recent addition as I begin to roll my own services such as email, web server, task management and private code hosting with Fossil. My main computer is in fact my Linode server. This was a great decision.

Falling out of favour this/last year have been:

  • Github - The micro plan was super useful as it provided me with private repos that “just worked” through all the nasty corporate firewalls and also with complementary lazy web hosting. I’m still using Github, but just free-loading now.
  • Simplenote - But only because they stopped charging which caused me to immediately become worried. I’m still using it as it’s great, but I’m mulling over long term plans to roll my own using something like Fossil as a back end; I have no need for iOS or Android apps, etc.
  • TeuxDeux - Love it, but I needed some form of console/terminal access. Gave them a year to come out with the new API and then gave in and switched to Taskwarrior
  • Lavabit - Curse Snowden for bringing about the downfall of my email provider: It was as cheap as chips and wasn’t Google. On the plus side, I’m now rolling my own and don’t even have to bother with IMAP.