Well, I said by the end of the year, that was quicker than expected! As of this post I’ve started syndicating out link posts to Pinboard with this result.

In further Indieweb efforts the code for this is available via Fossil on this very site. Not on Github! I couldn’t get Fossil CGI hosting to work with the web server I use so it’s slightly annoyingly on a different port. Only slightly annoyingly, because I really admire just how easy it is to get Fossil working as a server. For pet personal projects I will continue to use it over Git.

My old deploy script, since my personal computer is also my webserver, used to be a very simple sudo cp .... It’s a bit more complex now. The basic principles are:

  1. Use a Rakefile for deploying.
  2. When deploying (Still basically a sudo cp) write date of deploy to a file.
  3. Find posts in _posts that are link type posts and newer than the last deploy date in file.
  4. Syndicate each of those out to Pinboard via the API. If the link already exists on Pinboard, but doesn’t have a tag representing it’s been syndicated out, the extended description is replaced with content of post and a syndication tag added. Otherwise a new bookmark is added.

This approach suits me fine. Any link post here will appear on Pinboard, but I do not care for having every bookmark I make on Pinboard show up here. This also nets me another 0.1 pt on the Indiemark score.

The Pinboard code I adapted from my Stackexchange favs to Pinboard code. The whole code is very rough and ready at the moment and needs some polishing, but works well (for me). The main limitations at the moment are:

  • Assumes my permalink style.
  • The date of deploy granularity is only to the nearest day.
  • It is seemingly not possible to get the bookmark ID from the Pinboard API. So I can’t update the blog post with a link to where it is syndicated.

Next up will either be photo posts (although that is a continuing story of heartache; still to send off the only four roll of films I got to shoot last year) or more likely figuring out a way to do notes/tweets in a none annoying (to me) way.

See the Fossil repository here.