This was super sad Monday morning news.

He was the face of The Prodigy (sorry Liam, Maxim; truth though). And because of that, and (as is apparent now) a huge, HUGE part of and influence on many people’s lives across all kinds of walks of like. So sad.

I can remember when I first heard of The Prodigy at school (1993 ish?) and I DID NOT LIKE them at all because it wasn’t the “right kind” of music. But between school and Uni things changed and they became a soundtrack to many a night out (and most importantly: getting ready for a night out). I have fantastic blurry memories of the summer of The Fat of the Land release (soundtracked by that album). Got to see them at Reading Festival in 1998 and then again in 2002. My most recent good memory from The Prodigy is this which was this The Remix show; Sadly I can’t find that run of it, or the earlier April one on mixcloud.

RIP Keith :-(