Anything interesting recently? Hmmm.

Went to the Reading Festival. Everyone I know finds this odd since I live right next door to Leeds. But it is better.

Highlights of the weekend. Seeing Peaches play. Chosen purely on the picture of her arse and hotpants in the programme, I was a bit disappointed to find out she was a rough looking mullet wearing 40ish year old (at least looks like it) Canadian. No musical talent whatsoever did not stop her from being the most entertaining thing I saw all weekend. Pissed out of her head she was half singing half MC-ing whilst downing bottles of red wine. Her cohort, "Minion", was a better singer but even stranger and made her entrance be rolling around on the stage to the music tied up in ropes. The highlight of the set was when they disappeared for ages (everyone thought she had finished and started leaving) only to re-appear on the stage both in black hot pants. Stood to attention, they started singing a song called "Shake your tits" with actions, and then opened their legs to produce two huge red strap-ons. The song, which I shall remember for ever and may even feel inclined to performed at a party if drunk enough, then became "Shake your tits and shake your dicks". With actions. Classic.

RAD: Janes Addiction, Reel Big Fish, Spunge, Fingathing (just ace), Herbaliser, NOFX
BAD: Goldfinger (only because they came on late played for about 10 mins and had the cheek not to play 99 Red Balloons! Made me miss Less than Jake as well.)
COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER: Prodigy. Although the cover of Madness' Night Boat to Cairo was good.