Got some trail shoes awhile back and have been waiting for an autumn day like today. Of course I’d already been out on them a few times, but today was the day for the short, but fun, undulating hills up by a nearby windfarm: It’s so much (more) fun running down wet grassy hills when you actually have some grip; The dog enjoyed it too.

You’d think living in the Aberdeenshire countryside would mean lots of trail runs, but there aren’t actually that many (near me) and running them also means running to them on the road. Depending on which trail I want to hit it’s between 3 to 10km to the start of them - which also means the same on the road back home after running the trail section.

I got some Terra Kiger in the sale (I’m not actually a Nike fanboy, I’m still just doing the “narrowing the selection” thing). I was planing on getting the cheaper Wildhorse, but the Terra Kiger came up first in the sale so it was silly not to get them. Not heard great things about them on-road - off-road people seem to like them except for some durability issues. They are “ok” on the road, obviously very different to Nike Free, but ok enough to get to the start and from the end - I did briefly think about running with a change of shoes, but that’s madness. They are pretty fast offroad - feel it anyway. My only niggle with them is that they’ve bruised me just below my left ankle. Don’t know for sure if that’s just the shoe or because of something I ran over, etc; It’s not enough to make me stop. Durability-wise I’ve only done about 70km on them so it’s too early to tell.

I just did half of my favourite route today since I was pushed for time due to the clocks changing (sob, sob). Will get the whole thing done soon.

[EDIT: 2018-11-18] 118km on them so far and they still look like brand new on the bottom - mud excepted. That’s running on a mix of grass, stones, mud and quite a lot of road as mentioned. The longest I’ve done in them is 30km, but most runs have been around the 10km mark. The bruising must have been a one off thing - I suspect my foot went down a dip running on some grass and it compressed my foot a bit. Has been fine since. Love these shoes.