I thought I’d smash the 1000km mark in March, but it’s been a bad month for running with rubbish weather (snowed in) and being very busy at work (clocks change this weekend, yay!). But I’m still happy to have hit this arbitrary milestone (kilometrestone?). I’ve run more than 1000km since I started running, but it was only last May (the 9th, didn’t even pick the start of the month, why?!) when I started keeping a log of runs (mostly for shoe wear and tear). So that means I’ve easily hit the 1000km per year mark.

Also glad I managed to get my favourite route in as the one that took me over the mark. The last five kilometres of it I ran pretty badly, but my knee had started hurting - which is also why I didn’t care about adding on a bit more to make a half. I live in a beautiful place for running.

On a related note I’ve been umming and erring for awhile now about a post on running and apps. I’m undecided myself: On the one hand the motivational side of them (to reach arbitrary goals) is a good thing, surely? But then also going out for a run is a great opportunity to detach and be free from technology. Maybe I’ll decide to write it at somepoint.

For comparison, back when I was doing crazy cycling commuting I’d hit the 1000km mark just over every three weeks.