I tweeted about it, but I guess I should write something about it properly as last time we were at five weeks through, the half way point. In the end, the nine week programme took us eleven weeks as we had to repeat a couple of weeks due just to general life interfering with plans.

It really is a good plan though. It worked great from my point of view of someone who was very fit, but liable to break and injure easily running and it worked great from my wife’s point of view of someone who last ran when they were at school. We did the time based version so I don’t know for sure how far we are running (I could measure it on a map); Time based seems most fair with a discrepancy in leg length - I have to double back in bits as it is so I don’t get too far ahead.

I have had some discomfort (probably the right word to use instead of pain), but all that cycling has given me the ability to just get on with it; Weirdly I never really had much leg pain whilst cycling, just lots of it off the bike.

Fifteen hours minimum a week of cycling was probably a bit excessive, but at the same time I don’t think one and a half hours of running is really going to cut it as far as staying fit and healthy goes. Ok, it has been nice to have a break, but I’d like to get to three and a half hours of running a week. I’m not sure exactly how to work this in, though. I really like the idea of running every other day and I think it would be best for me to carry on like that; I’ve not got injured myself yet so why jinx things? Perhaps I could do a thirty minute run with my wife in the morning per current routine and then thirty minutes later the same day? If I make one of those an hour that’s three and a half hours a week. That’ll do. I don’t want to be an athlete, but it would be a shame to lose everything I’ve gained from cycling.