Been meaning to write this for a long time, but I either keep forgetting or deciding against it, but this seems like the perfect opportunity; surely they aren’t expecting anything less than ridicule from UK cyclists?

  • All weather. And that really means ALL weather. Miles and miles of pissing rain, that permeates all layers and leaves you with clothes that won’t dry out for a couple of days. Ice, snow, hail and hands so cold you need help at the end of the journey unclipping a buckle. And - oh my - the WIND, winds so strong that it’s actually dangerous to be out but, hey, you’ve got to get home.
  • Broken, worn, unroadworthy bicycles that you’ve no choice but to ride in the morning because you’ve no time to fix it and anyway, it’s going to have to last until the weekend.
  • Tired because your kids were up in the night, a touch of cold or not-quite-full-on man-flu, an injured knee that’s going to kill getting up that hill and leaves you hobbling around the office.

But still going to get up the next morning, get on your bike and get to work again.

I have the greatest respect for everyday cycle commuters: YOU are all my cycling heroes.