Possibly because I can’t be bothered with a re-design of my website, push is going to be used for running*. Hey, if a push-bike is so called because you push the pedals with your feet (well, historically the floor with your feet), I am now pushing the floor directly with my feet so I can’t see why it can’t work.

When news came that I’d no longer be cycling the directive was “don’t get fat”. Seeing as how I have struggled to justify the costs associated with cycling when I needed one for work, I didn’t think it’d stand much chance as a hobby. Mainly, though, I wanted a break from cycling, so opted for running because my sole expense has been £70 on a pair of last season’s running shoes. Decent shoes, mind you; My last experience of significant running was in a pair of non-running shoes and it crippled me for days; The difference in running with proper shoes is amazing - no pain.

Because my years of skateboarding have destroyed my ankles and knees I knew I wanted to ease myself into running and so decided to follow Couch to 5K, even though I’m pretty much the direct opposite of a coach potato. This had the added bonus of my wife deciding to join in with me; As far as I can tell, my wife’s motivation mainly seems to be so she can outrun random axe murderers. So far we are five weeks through the programme and it is going brilliantly for both of us. Really can’t fault it as a programme; I am itching to do some faster/longer runs, but I’m going to stick to it so as not to wreck myself.

I might actually regain my posture now.

* - Cycling hasn’t gone forever, just (hopefully) for a long time