"Since it had grown hot and crowded indoors, since there could be no danger on a night like this of damp, since the Chinese lanterns seemed hung red and green fruit in the depths of an enchanted forest, Mr. Bertram Pritchard led Mrs. Latham into the garden."

A Summing Up from Collected Short Stories by Virginia Woolf

I’ve finished reading Virginia Woolf’s fictional works and have also made headway in her prolific collection of essays. That quote somewhat fittingly from the last story in the last collection (of fiction) that I’ve read. I had actually almost finished with her fictional works back with Between The Acts, but hadn’t realised because some of the various short story collections are duplicates of others. So the Collected Short Stories I had lined up contained a lot that were in Night And Day and by the time I’d finished the Collected Short Stories it meant I’d also read A Haunted House And Other Short Stories.

My favourites from the Collected Short Stories were The Legacy (really good) and Lappin and Lappinova (really bonkers).

I “just” have these essay collections left to read to have read “everything”:

  • The Common Reader
  • The Common Reader second series
  • The Death of the Moth and other essays
  • Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown

Which is actually a LOT of content and so may take me a fair while - Although I really liked and enjoyed A Room of One’s Own, I found Three Guineas less enjoyable and The Moment And Other Essays, which I’ve just read, pretty hard going, so I’m not as huge a fan of her essays as I am her fiction; I may take this as a suitable interlude to go and read something completely different.

  • [EDIT: 2018-10-22] Crossed an easy one off the list
  • [EDIT: 2018-11-08] Crossed The Common Reader off
  • [EDIT: 2018-11-28] And the second series
  • [EDIT: 2018-12-08] All done!