A bit of a pre-cursor post. When I knew I was getting my films back I’d sent off in January and that had been shot last year or earlier I expected to flood my blog with photos this month. But a little bit more patience has been required. The command line flickr uploader I’d used previously no longer worked. It was a simple fix, but I was swamped with other bits and bobs so it took me a few days to even find that fix from someone else; uploadr.py is a sprawling divergent mess, but it still works (if you can find the right commits or fork), so hey.

Anyway, in relearning how to use uploadr.py I found out you can actually upload a comma separated list of tags even though the API documentation says space separated, e.g:

python uploadr/uploadr.py -t tag1,tag2,tag3 images/

However, if the images have any IPTC embedded tags then “tag3” gets prefixed and merged with the IPTC embedded tag (The image I tried with had only one IPTC tag, I’m not sure what would happen if the image has more than one IPTC tag*). To avoid this you can add a comma at the end:

python uploadr/uploadr.py -t tag1,tag2,tag3, images/

Or, of course do things the intended way:

python uploadr/uploadr.py -t 'tag1 tag2 "a tag with spaces"' images/

That’s all. Just thought the undocumented thing about commas was interesting. Will flood with photos soon hopefully!

* - I found out: With two Iptc.Application2.Keywords they get merged together as one keyword anyway so the “tag3” just gets merged into the front of that; The merging of Iptc.Application2.Keywords seems odd as I’m sure that is where Aperture put tags and when I used to upload Aperture exported images I never saw that behaviour; Perhaps it was because one was a machine tag?

[EDIT: 2014-10-05] Just don’t be an idiot and combine wrapping single quotes and a trailing comma, python uploadr/uploadr.py -t 'tag1 tag2 "a tag with spaces"', images/, as that will mean you end up with one long quoted tag, doh!