Not A Dead Dog

Let’s just get at least one photo added here; It has been over a year!

I’m still trying to get stuff uploaded to Flickr. The process is a little more contrived now due to my computing set-up: I sftp’d the files to my server (since that is my computer) so I could then use ImageMagick to rotate the originals and Exiv2 to add some machine tags and from there I’ll upload to Flickr and finish everything else off. Maybe. I’m undecided. On the one hand, adding titles and descriptions, etc to photos sure is easier when you can see them (Flickr), but on the other hand, the Toshiba brick isn’t really up to running Flickr (it can, just, though!) which means I’ll be relying on borrowing a computer (probably lunch times at work) to accomplish this. So maybe I should add as much meta data via the command line as possible even though it is a more fitful approach?

Anyway: Not a Dead Dog.

The Yashica Mat is definitely my favourite camera. I’m not as good with it as I am with my 35mm Praktica and my best results are probably still from the Praktica, but the Yashica Mat is easily the most fun to use. If I could only shoot one camera (as opposed to the mode value of zero recently!) then I’d pick this. And if I only could pick one film… oh, I don’t know actually, more on that in another post.

Ilford Pan F Plus, Yashica Mat, Sometime in 2013.