The only 'old' post I'm going to import. For a bit of fluidity. Although I've had to edit it a bit for context, and in the process made it more incoherent than it started.


I loved my site. I really did. It was made with my own fair hands. I liked the look of it. And it almost did everything I wanted (It was a portal for what I do on the net). And it allowed me to geek out in getting it setup.

In thinking about moving to something else (tumblr), I thought I was going to loose a lot of what I had, but all I've lost was my custom Appletalker integration.

I did lose some of the geeky stuff. I did that site for me. I enjoy the geeky side of things, but I don't have time to do the geeky stuff anymore. E.g. posting comments didn't use Ajax. And it was never going to. Even though it is relatively simple in Rails. I just didn't (and still don't) have the time.


So, as much as I loved there, I don't post here (that's confusing, but I mean my website in general. A bit lost in translation from there to here ;-) ).

That was/is mainly to do with time. I had/have ideas for blog posts, but rarely the time to write them out. That's kids for you. :-) That site might have been hosted locally on my mac, but that wasn't the thing preventing me from posting. I don't think. The uptime was good enough for me, although it would have been lovely to afford proper hosting again - never going to happen though. So although the main problem is purely finding the time to post, I think convenience plays a big part as well - I posted less than 30 times in the last two years on my home hosted website.

And I still have my domain names. And wanted to do something with them. And I do want to post somethings sometime. Just more quickly. So in the same way I stopped with my own web gallery and let flickr do it, I thought why the hell have I half-arsed built my own website? Hence Tumblr.