A few years ago now I first got on the net (Isn't it scary how much of this stuff hangs around?). I accumulated a lot of posts about a lot of nonsense. I was using Blogger as a back end to manage 'dynamic' content, serving it up via server side includes. All in xhtml goodness. I made a beginners mistake and let my webhost register my domain name in their name. So when they went down the swaney so did my domain name. I relaunched using Nanoblogger and served it all up statically on (what was) dotmac. That was fun for awhile until I couldn't justify paying for any kind of hosting for what is a poxy personal website. So I decided to roll my own, hosting at home using everydns, mongrel and a custom site built in Rails that used html5 instead of xhtml. A lot of fun, but hosting at home on a laptop(!) is a bit silly really.

So we get to today. Which must make this the 5th or 6th re-incarnation. And I've decided to have a go with tumblr. The price is great: free. It is fairly customisable, and you can use your own domain name; You can pretty much give the appearance you are hosting yourself.

Only, thing is. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to write here.