I was first on the web in 2002 with i5m.co.uk. In my naivety I let my webhost register the domain in their name. And so when they went down the swanny, I lost control of my domain in early 2005. It was then I went for i5m.me.uk.

Well after 4 years of watching (missed it 2 years ago), I've finally got it back.


I really should do a proper website again.

Don't know what to do about redirects. I've now got three domain names (i-5-m.net when I thought I'd also lost control of the i5m.me.uk one; lost registration documents, and it was detagged).

In theory I should pick one and redirect the others to it. But I don't know which one (Vote now - Ha!). Mind you I don't know how to do permanent redirects on local hosting. I think it complicates things.