Best. Wedding. Ever.

Have to say something.

It was always a dead-cert to be a good one. The fact that me and the missus met through the bride helps. The fact that it was pretty much just a big group of friends together for a party. I'd hazard a guess that for most couples there, each partner would consider themselves friends with the bride AND groom. It was so relaxed I think at least someone was laughing at each point of the wedding. Bursting with excitement and anticipation, we just couldn't help it. No kids allowed being a bonus for us that rarely get a night out anyway. Friends rarely seen.

Just a wedding full of brilliant, brilliant people. The best party ever. It will be talked about for ages.

I lost my tripod (but it was found! Thanks to the bride and groom - stars)

And I don't think my dancing really counts, as far as I recall I was a cross between Zac Efron in High School Musical and Pharell Williams. I await video evidence to the contrary.