Read this recently and am glad I am bucking the trend. For sure, hearing music from my teenage years (Throwing Muses, Belly, Sonic Youth, Dead Kennedy’s, and Senser are just a few) imparts a deep emotional response, but newer stuff is also doing similar: I remember exactly where I was when I first heard Self Esteem’s I Do This All The Time; I was running and listening to ChillDaBeats.

Someone in the comments talks about a truly wonderful thing they do with their friends where they have to put together a top ten of their favourite tracks from the current year. I have no friends, but collating my favourite tracks from the current year* and therefore actively listening to music from the current year, well, I’m up to three hours and six minutes of songs from this year already and I wish I’d started doing this before 2021.

* - Since I count songs on albums released in the current year some of the songs have often also been released as singles the previous year, but it’s still newer than the 90s.