Skipping an end of year review this year (although kind of doing one by stealth). It’s not really that things have been bad. If I look at things objectively I am still incredibly fortunate: Family all healthy and as a family we are considered well off; That tool doesn’t consider dependent children not living at home, but the very fact we are able to do that at all makes us well off. But I just feel worn down with the past two years of work and home (even with a relatively easy life). I don’t care so much about what I’ve achieved (or not) this year - and especially as the end of the year has approached I’ve just kind of given in.

So instead of a big end of review post I’m going to do something I should have done ages ago and link to this playlist of my favourite tracks from 2021 (either singles released in 2021 or tracks from albums released in 2021). The music has been great.