Until I get bored, I am enjoying doing this. Here’s this year’s to go with the last two.

I say “bored”, but this is actually somewhat important to me: How would I cope without music? How amazing is it that there is this much great new music this year? It would be so easy to just listen to my formative years instead of trying to make all years my formative years.

Even with this I am sure I’ve missed some great music from this year; Afterall, I missed Cristale and ShaSimone from last year’s playlist.

Album of the year

On a related note, it’s strange that I couldn’t pick an album of the year this year, but although there was a lot of good music there wasn’t one album that grabbed me emotionally. The nearest I got was (in no particular order):

  1. Jadu Heart: Derealised
  2. Cleo Sol: Heaven
  3. CASISDEAD: Famous Last Words

Since each feature three tracks in this picks list. I re-listened to all three recently to try to decide between them. I couldn’t.