Spotify Wrapped

Ha. I did listen to Boygenius a lot when it came out, but then somewhat put it aside. But fair enough. It should be my album of the year, by rights, but it’s not going to be.

Ailbhe Reddy… oh how I will forever regret missing her at Glastonbury.

The Reytons are similar to Boygenius in that I listened a lot at the start of the year.

RAYE. Deservedly so. I listened to Black Mascara and Escapism a lot (obviously), but then I also listened quite a bit to the live album which is really, really good.

Dead Pony. Yes. Album is out next year. Stoked I got to see them live.

For the songs, there are two from artists not in the top five list: I did spend a bit of time listening to Kali Uchas’ Moonlight on repeat, it’s such a good song. And I’m glad Lucia and The Best Boys made it in there with When You Dress Up.