In what seems to have become my (sole) annual benefit of moving to town I went to see Dead Pony on the first night of their new tour at Tunnels. Last year was Coach party at a less attended (god knows why) Krakatoa. This marked my third time lucky in getting to Tunnels: I’d missed OK Button and The Reytons (still pissed about that) previously despite having tickets. But at least now I’m in town there is nothing preventing me going.

I’d go see more if a) more bands played in Aberdeen and b) my allowance would stretch to it, but since I had to cover three tickets, and I’m desperate for other things, once a year it is (probably…).

They had local support from Pitnamoon (on first) and then, making quite a grand entrance, Tina Sandwich (great name) who is really quite intriguing - will keep and eye on her (and am tempted to see if I can squeeze in seeing her in October in Aberdeen).

This isn’t meant to be a review at all, but Dead Pony were amazing. The crowd took a while to warm-up, but I like to think this is a “good thing” and just all the old men at the front being considerate for the younguns, but they were eventually persuaded to get moving. This didn’t include me as I was nearer the back with A (but I’ll take that over not going at all; And we’ll leave going to the front to the youngest), but I pretty much dad-danced and sang-a-long from the start (I just don’t care anymore since Glastonbury - it’s better to just enjoy yourself than worrying about what you look like).

Intrigued to see where they end up on my top artists list as I do seem to keep listening to them on repeat. They are filling a Dream State sized hole that was filling a Marmozets sized hole. Here’s hoping Dead Pony have a bit more longevity to them.