It’s my one year anniversary of being Computerless. When we moved house we were downsizing a lot. Based on where we thought things we going in the new spot there was no room for my desktop computer as the family one would have to go on that desk instead; For unknown reasons the built-in office was not to be my office and instead I’d be in the utility room with the dogs; Of course the family computer did eventually end up in the “office” so in hindsight I would have had room for my desktop on my desk; Ach.

Anyway, since I didn’t actually have a functioning desktop at that point, just a monitor and keyboard, and since there wasn’t going to be room for them anyway it meant there was no point bringing them - we were also moving most of the stuff ourselves so anything that reduced the number of journeys back and forth had to go. That meant farewell my stereo I had for over twenty years, farewell to a lot of cameras, even farewell to the middle length headphone cable I never used.

So I completely understand having to go without a computer for a bit (moving also cost us a fortune so we had no money spare at the time), but I don’t really get how it’s now a year later and I’m still without one. I really want to be able to do some personal programming projects again. Work is converging to “boring”: Python and Golang. And yet there are so many other programming languages I’d like to dabble in.

This is going to be rectified at some point this year. After all, I’m not after anything fancy, a refurb Thinkpad X250 or X260, which will work well with NetBSD, is easily do-able for between £100 and £200.


Of course, yes, I have shared access to the family computer. I mostly just get to use that for family finances.

[EDIT: 2023-12-26] Of course this didn’t actually happen. I was so adamant it was happening because I knew I’d been a “good boy” all year: I’d done exactly what I say to others and sacrificed other things (Teuxdeux, and shampoo for my scalp psoriasis; TMI, but such are the joys of old age) because getting a computer was my priority - It worked and I’d saved enough to get a ye-olde Thinkpad. But then I had to donate that to my missus and kids because they’d failed to save anything for a trip they had almost four years of notice to save for. Such is life. Will try again next year.