Not in the literal sense of the title - I use the brilliant WorkOutDoors for that, but rather I got fed up of my phone thinking it was being touched when I was running and going crazy - mostly skipping songs in Spotify, etc - although I’ve also had it lock me out of my own phone or randomly ring my emergency contact or 999, etc. It’s frustrating that there is no way to remove the Spotify controls from the lock screen, which would at least solve the skipping music side of things. As to the general issue, it’s definitely not a sweat thing - it’s in my fetching pink bumbag. Plus I’ve also had my camera randomly activate with my phone just in my jeans pocket which drained my battery. Technology is shockingly shit.

Anyway, I’m very late in discovering this trick, but it turns out you can solve all of this by using Guided Access. So what I do now is start playing something through my headphones, use them to pause it, start guided access (I have it on triple click since I have a ye-olde home button iPhone) and then disable everything apart from the sleep/wake button (so volume buttons can’t get knocked either). Then I can use the sleep/wake button to turn the screen off, but it doesn’t matter if it comes back on as no touch works AT ALL. I just control music through my headphones (not with Siri - ha) and then unlock guided access at the end. Works so, so well.