This year continues to be ridiculously good for new albums. Best year ever? It certainly feels like there has been more good albums than usual - so many things I could have picked for album of the year already. I am happy this isn’t me (although I’m also not 30 anymore).

This is what I’ve been listening to most recently (obviously not all released in August):

  • Soak: If I never know you like this again (from May). Last July is probably my favourite. Swear Jar is pretty good and the order of that and Neptune should swapped so Neptune is the closing track on the album. Nothing beats Everybody Loves You on 2019’s Grim Town though.

  • Megan Thee Stallion: Traumazine (August). NDA, Her (I love this), Pressurelicious and Sweetest Pie are my favourites. Still no Shots Fired though.

  • Too Many T’s: All Good Good (July). Like it says/implies in one of the skits, South City was good, La Fam Ill no one listened to, so is this one a return to form? I wasn’t a huge fan of La Fam Ill at the time (after loving South City), but re-listening the opening track is solid and the rest is still good, but just didn’t do it for me as much as South City. Anyway, my favourites are Everything will be alright, Roots, That’s Life and The Bomb. Too Many Ts are underated. Also: Fantastic Album art. And I just love the whole idea behind it.

  • Los Bitchos: Let the festivities Begin (from April). Gave it a whirl. Not a massive fan of just instrumental stuff, although I’ll make an exception for Gwenifer Raymond.

  • Regina Spector: Home, before and after (from June). Up the Mountain… that’s quite something. Has she done a film score yet? She will one day. Spacetime Fairytale is maybe a bit too Disney in bits for me though.

  • Soccer Mommy: Sometimes, Forever (June). My favourite is probably With U. Darkness Forever is interesting. Don’t Ask Me is shoegazey and good too.

  • Confidence Man: Tilt (April). Ok, if I’m going based on feelings only, this is my album of the year - I just need to make a separate post about it. Feels Like A Different Thing and Holiday are the best. I probably prefer the first album more, but I don’t understand how anyone can listen to this and not have their mood improved. Saved the fucking year.

  • Nova Twins: Supernova (June). Hotly anticipated by me. Antagonist and Cleopatra are the obvious choices. Neither are quite as good as Taxi from Who Are The Girls though.

  • Chase & Status: What Came Before (June). Just… ace… I like it all, but 5am is just fantastic.

  • Julia Jacklin: PRE PLEASURE. Another hotly anticipated one (by me). I Was Neon - love it. Love the opening lines. Love. I also like Less of a Stranger just for the “Do you see your mother too?” line/vocals.