Apathetic because my running has taken a huge hit after injuring my ribs skateboarding and because, sadly, from first impressions it seems they no longer suit my feet.

The only things I didn’t “love” on the first model were the sole and midsole: The only thing they’ve not changed is the sole and midsole.

I liked the uppers. Yes, on my second pair (I intentionally got the exact same model as my first ones), I did have the uppers begin to tear away from the sole after around 400 to 500km - I guess due to the lightweight perforated nature of the upper, perhaps I was lucky with my first pair - but I just did a bit of sewing and kept them going to 800km.

On this third pair the new uppers just don’t fit me. These are called Hylo Run 2s, but technically are version 3 based on the serial numbers used. Along with a weirdly placed eyelet (I’ve not really figured out how to make use of it, but no big deal) and a heel counter that some how makes them less snug (but is still collapsable and works “ok”), they’ve added some internal reinforcement (presumably to prevent any tearing in the uppers), but although it’s an incredibly thin laminated layer (like tape) the extra hardness and stiffness it creates in certain areas gave me my worst blister ever. In fact not so much a blister, but an open wound on the midfoot medial side of my left foot. It’s taken about a month and a half to fully heal.

Just 71km in them so far. 15km was the longest I managed (and the run that did all the damage). I was hoping they’d ease up after a bit, but no; However, I did just manage to pry under, then peel off and remove the two worst bits of the reinforcement running up from the sole to the eyelets. I haven’t run in them yet like this, but hopefully that’s enough and I don’t have to tackle the reinforcement running around the sole to upper join.

Fingers crossed that means my long-term review of them will be better.