But not really only in April, it’s just for the title and because I haven’t had time yet to write anything else up this year.

Let’s see what albums and EPs have been released so far this year…

  • The Mysterines: Reeling. I was expecting it to be my album of the year, but despite being really good and me playing it a LOT there just wasn’t enough that I hadn’t already heard before. I like Hung Up, Dangerous, On The Run and In My Head, but I’m just not that excited about the rest. Would probably be a thousand percent better live though and I would love to see them.
  • Carolesdaughter: please put me in a medically induced coma. The closest here to “all killer, no filler”, but it’s an EP, not an album so can’t be my album of the year. This is so on the edge of being a bit too teen girly for me, but just the right side of it. I love it a lot.
  • Newdad: Banshee. Glad I got to see these live last year. Say It, Banshee and Ladybird are (probably) my favourites. Another EP.
  • Pillow Queens: Leave the Light On. No Good Woman is pretty good, but the rest is not really my thing.
  • Wet leg: Wet Leg. It’s good. I’ve had a few listens, but I don’t know. Chaise Lounge stands out of course, as do the other singles I’ve already heard (Angelica, Ur Mum, Wet Dream, etc) and I guess in that regard it’s a bit like The Mysterines: I’d already heard the good stuff.
  • Alt J: The Dream. U&ME is good and Get Better is just utterly beautiful.
  • Charli XCX: Crash. Could also have been my album of the year. Maybe one of these will end up that anyway? I love Beg For You a silly amount. My favourite song of the year so far. Baby is sooo good too.
  • Wilkinson: Cognition. I was hoping for an album full of Decompressions. Release Valve is probably my favourite.
  • CMAT: If My Wife New, I’d Be Dead. I do not know how I ended up listening to this, must be due to ChillDaBeats? I Don’t Really Care for You is class. Reminds me a little bit of First Aid Kit. Some of the lyrics and song titles are great.
  • Kojey Radical: Reason to Smile. I was secretly hoping everything* was going to be like War Outside, but it isn’t.
  • Spinn: Outside The Blue. These lot should be a lot bigger than they are. Stargazing is superb - a proper indie anthem. People Should Know Better is good too. Billie also. Actually this is a really good album.
  • Mitski: Laurel Hell. Should’ve Been Me is my favourite. On paper I should love Mitski, but it’s not quite my thing.
  • Yard Act: The Overload. Yorkshire lads so what’s not to like? The Overload is by far my favourite track though and a bit more upbeat than anything else on there.
  • FKA Twigs: CAPRISONGS. Tears in the Club is good; I was listening to The Weeknd before they were cool. Not really my thing though.
  • AURORA: The Gods We Can Touch. Everything Matters matters. The Innocent is more lively than I thought I’d find on this album. Actually, the whole album is more lively than I thought it’d be.

This reads like I’ve listened to a lot, which surprises me as I actually struggle to find the time nowadays unless I’m out running; Which I also struggle to find the time to do unless I get up early.

* - on the album, not in real life of course.