Since I had posts for the other two


  • Smile - Just super fuzzy bass, reminds me of Formidable Cool, but grungier. Probably my second favourite on the album.
  • Safe from heartbreak - Another “reminder” of Visions of a Life, gives me the same kind of feelings as After the Zero Hour.
  • Play The Greatest Hits - The Yuk Foo of this album.
  • The Last Man on Earth - If I’m continuing down the comparison route then could be seen as the Don’t Delete the Kisses of this album, but this is WAY above that. This is a proper full-on goosebumps, stop in you in your tracks, tears by the end of it song. The nearest comparison I can think of mood-wise is Embrace’s Gravity: An amazing song, but so sad. Do not play at a party or listen to if depressed.
  • No Hard Feelings - Kind of odd this comes straight after The Last Man on Earth. Thought they might have lightened things a bit. It’s nice though.

If I go based on gut reaction/feeling it’s not my album of the year. But I think I know what will be.