I’m still standing by my album of a year, but sheesh, this is good. My highlights:

  • Yuk Foo - Is a Smells like Teen Spirit or Song 2 for another generation
  • Beautifully Unconventional is beautifully funky
  • Don’t Delete the Kisses - Has given me goosebumps every single time I’ve listened to it so far - and that is quite a few times. I desperately want to be young and fall in love to this song as opposed to being old and just falling in love with the song.
  • Formidable Cool - Pretty much describes Wolf Alice, at least in the title; Although probably by lyrics too. And this track just oozes cool (the bassline will stick in your head) and probably is one of the best guitar, bass, drum and vocal layering intros on any track ever.
  • After the Zero Hour. I haven’t tracked down what this reminds me of (maybe something Lana Del Ray ish? New Seekers?!), but this is so worlds apart from Yuk Foo and yet also outstanding. By all conventions you should hate this track if you like Yuk Foo, but this might actually be my second favourite after Don’t Delete The Kisses.

Although not my album of the year I’m wondering if they are the band of the decade?