Mostly the same as last year with one new addition.

  • Pinboard - I’m still too lazy to roll my own and it’s still too useful. Sure ain’t funding any development work though.
  • Linode - As per last time: Still using it. Still continues to be solid for me for NetBSD. They’ve been slower than some of their competitors ramping up the breadth of their services, but I am surprised more businesses don’t use Linode over AWS and GCP, etc.
  • Tarsnap - Costing me about £32 a year at the moment to backup my server and desktop.
  • Teuxdeux - Still super cats.
  • Guardian - Next year I will move from the £5 a month supporter tier (discontinued) to the digital subscription.
  • Flickr - Even though I hardly take any new photos.
  • 1Password - Disappointed that they dropped the NetBSD command line tool just after I paid up. Bastards. But I can still use the last version they released and 1PasswordX is great. Finally got my family more onboard; I didn’t agree with storing 2FA in 1Password, but it’s great for normal people.
  • Strava - because I felt bad being a freeloader. Maybe it’s part novelty, but the training stuff is pretty neat; I also like platform agnostic stuff and feel I gain more from this than paying for something like Apple Fitness+ (I know it’s not a comparable offering).

I still really want to add Duolingo at some point and stop being a cheapskate