I used to be 100% in the yoga is pointless camp… and I was wrong. I love it now. It’s such a good compliment to running.

It all started from following half-marathon and marathon training plans in Nike Run Club. These are really good plans that adapt to your progress and mix in workouts from Nike Training Club. And that’s how I ended up doing some yoga workouts that I would have otherwise never have tried and realising I really enjoyed them.

When I started doing stupid amounts of cycling I discovered, much to my amazement, I could touch my toes after years of not being able to. When I stopped cycling and switched to running I felt this start to slip again - running is not great for suppleness.

I initially only did (or tried to remember to do) yoga after long runs when I would feel stiff and achy. But I’m gradually progressing to mixing in yoga regularly with running and it really seems to be helping with flexibility.

The NRC application has fourteen yoga workouts in total ranging from twenty minutes to forty-five minutes. It’s enough for now to keep things varied, but I am starting to wonder if there is anything else out there I can use? I think it’ll be hard to beat the NRC format though.

On the off chance anyone actually reads this and has a yoga recommendation I’d love to hear it.