Somewhat recently I got around to upgrading to Jekyll 4. I don’t like to rush into things. There’s nothing visibly different on this site, but building is a bit quicker for me; On that note I’ve never understood the obsession of those folk with blogs with about ten posts total on them who spend ages finding a static site generator that will allow them to generate their site in 0.000001 seconds… only for them to never post again after making a post about switching their site to that; For what it’s worth Jekyll builds my site of around a thousand posts in about 14 secs now - even my busy schedule can afford to wait that many seconds.

As well as having to remove a lot of baseurl from posts and includes, upgrading was a bit of an arse as Jekyll now requires sassc-ruby even though I don’t use or care about this (perhaps I should… if I can ever be bothered to update the visual style of my site again).

As with all things that get re-written in another language to make them more portable, it actually ended up less portable as it doesn’t build by default on NetBSD. The main issue seems to be that it uses a -march=native flag:

-march=native causes the compiler to auto-detect the architecture of the build computer. At present, this feature is only supported on GNU/Linux, and not all architectures are recognized. If the auto-detect is unsuccessful the option has no effect.

Which is the very definition of non-portable. Fortunately someone had fixed in pkgsrc which saved me from figuring it out, but it was for Ruby 2.6 only so I then had to update Ruby as well which had knock on effects of rebuilding vim, etc… all of which takes me time to sort out.

Probably someone should make a PR against ruby-sassc to fix properly. If I have a spare moment ever…

Anyway, this is just a non-post to say I’ve upgraded to Jekyll 4, but that it makes absolutely no difference to you.