I’ve been using weechat and wee-slack for sometime on MacOS (via Pkgsrc) and it just worked without any issue. But on NetBSD I hit two snags:

  1. The first stumbling block was the available Pkgsrc binary version was not built with plugin support for NetBSD (it is for OSX). So I built from Pkgsrc, but couldn’t get Python plugin support working despite the recent changes to make this easier. Eventually (it really did take me too long to figure this out) I realised by simply upgrading my version of cmake it would build and find Python ok.

  2. With Python plugin support working I then kept hitting:

     error 60 (SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate)

    This upstream PR works wonders for me. In theory everything should be configured correctly via Pkgsrc and I shouldn’t need this, but doing this solves things instantly (since I already have that environment variable set). I’m just taking advantage of Pkgsrc’s LOCALPATCHES to apply that.