This is insane and very hard to comprehend. That’s an average of ~2.8 mins/km. My fastest 5k works out at a pace of 4.4 mins/km. None of my routes are flat, but still.

The quickest pace I would have recorded would be when doing 200m sprint reps as part of training, the fastest of which seems to be around 3.5 mins/km; I’m hoping there is some inaccuracy in my phones ability to calculate that over such short distances, etc and I’m not quite that slow, but still.

So Eliud is running a marathon at a faster pace than I can do ~200m at. Fuck! That’s insane.

I haven’t managed it, but me running a marathon (my route) in under 4 hours is achievable. That’s 5.7 mins/km. I just need to get better so I can keep my pace up over 30k. At the moment I’m still just trying to survive the distance.

A three hour marathon is harder for me to comprehend. That’s 4.3 mins/km. My fastest 10k (not flat) was 4.8 mins/km. I can’t imagine doing faster than that pace for longer (42k). Even on the flat. But I can see how an athlete with a lot of hard work could manage that. Still amazes me though.

But a marathon in under two hours… Fuck! That’s insane.