"That silence is more profound after noise still wants the confirmation of science."

Orlando by Virginia Woolf

Steadily making my way through Virginia Woolf’s books. This is the most normally written I’ve read of her novels so far*, but by far the hardest I’ve found to read; I think perhaps because I couldn’t gauge what it was meant to be† - as per usual I left reading the notes and accompanying introduction‡ until afterwards to experience the book as is. I think that was a mistake. If read at the time of publication you’d more likely have had some knowledge of Virginia Woolf’s life and social circles and therefore understood and enjoyed the novel a lot more - It made a lot more sense to me after reading the introduction and learning about her friendship with Vita Sackville-West.

I’m now on an interlude of a couple of more modern, none Virginia Woolf, novels, but then I want to read To The Lighthouse. A lot.

* - A Room of One’s Own doesn’t count since not a novel. This is similar ly written since a faux biography.

† - I couldn’t gauge whether comedy, fantasy or serious; Actually a bit of all of them.

‡ - The swanky edition I have is almost half notes and companion text and it’s better for it.