Mgarr Ix Xini Mouse

Velvia. It just never fails to disappoint. I mean: the photographer can disappoint, for sure, but not Velvia.

Probably the only one I’ll post from this roll. It wasn’t exactly what I was after and I’m annoyed about a few bits of it, but it was taken in a hurry as it’s on a steep hill and meant standing in the road and you have to get out of the way if cars are coming as it is not a hill you can stop on if an idiot with a camera decides to get in the way.

So with all that said I like it. I might post one of the others, but the more I look at it the more I just don’t get excited about it. I know what I was trying for, but I’m not sure it worked. We’ll see. I keep forgetting I have photos to post anyway!

Fujichrome Velvia 50 RVP, Yashica Mat, Gozo, Aug 2016.